About me

Mathieu Wijdeven ( Tilburg, 1991 ) graduated performance at the Theatre academy Maastricht in 2014. In his performances (”M1” (2013), ”M2” (2014), ”M3” (2015) and M4 (2017)) he studies the relation between human and construction. His mission is to let people reflect upon themselves. He tries to achieve this by confronting his audience with abstract objects.

Firma DRAAK is a theater collective with performer Nick Bos, there graduation piece won the Amsterdam ITS Festival (2014) Via Rudophi ‘Het Debuut’-award. In 2017 they will collaborate with Feikes Huis to create and produce there new piece ‘Cube to …’ For more information visite www.firmadraak.com.


2017 – M4 You Better Build Your House Upon A Rock (theater)

Studio Bakkerij, eigen werk

Springplank Festival, Route du North


2017 – The Dreaming (theater)

Hotshop cooler dan de Warme winkel

Diverse theaters Nederland en België


2016 – Rond de Tafel (theater)

Overse&malamud, Firma DRAAK

Fringe Festival Amsterdam, MINT Festival


2016 – PORTAL Unlimited (film)


Time Window Festival, Twilight festival, MINT Festival


2016 – Procedure for Underground (performance)

Paul Hendrikse

PLAYGROUND festival, M-museum


2016 – Tell Me What You’re Made Of (film)




2016 – Re-enactment of the Now (theater)

Theater Utrecht, Davy Pieters

SPRING Festival en Oerol Festival


2016 – PORTAL (theater)

Firma DRAAK, Feikeshuis

Poparts Festival


2016 – EXPLORER/ Prometheus ontketend (theater)

Urland, CREW

Diverse theaters Nederland en Belgie


2016 – M3 ( theater )

Time Window, eigenwerk

Time Window Festival, WORM/UBIK museumnacht


2015 – Constant Audience (theater)

Zarah Bracht

Theaterschool Amsterdam


2015 – Commercials voor een beter leven ( theater)


Parade Festival, Festival aan de Markt


2015 – RO-BOT (theater)


Cement festival, Tweetakt festival, Jonge Hartenfestival


2014 – NXT LVL (theater)


Diverse theaters Nederland en België


2014 – Techno (film)

Habbekrats, Yellow Claw



2014 – Samurai (theater)


RITUALS cosmetica


2014 – 2010

Toneelacademie Maastricht,